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Self Defence Courses

Zero Tolerance UK is a project of BBD Newark, set up to teach the skills of self defence and self protection. For those females and males that don’t want to undergo years of martial training, Zero Tolerance offers several short courses from 2 to 6 hours in duration, at either your place or ours.

We are promoting these skills at schools and colleges, work places and corporate organisations and organised groups of any kind. For those individuals who want something a bit quicker, we offer self defence training from 10am till noon on the 1st Sunday of each month (booking required) at the BBD dojo at Farndon.

Zero Tolerance Self Defence session

Collectively, the instructors have over 80 years of experience in Ninjutsu, CQB, self defence and other martial arts. The courses are all hands-on and 95% physical. Students can expect to engage in escapes and releases, takedowns, strikes and kicks, restraints, defence against knife attacks and weapons improvisation. Theory will include; self defence and the law, 3 A’s, incapacitation strategy. All students are fully insured on courses. All courses are undertaken in street attire and have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Courses

We have a range of courses:

  • Introductory Course (2 hours),
  • Basic Course,
  • Intermediate Course (4 hours),
  • One-day courses (6 hours).

All the courses are at very affordable prices and these will vary from course to course, subject to numbers and “your place or ours”.

Course Content

Our course content will vary depending on duration and special requirements from groups and companies but whilst the course is predominantly physical and hands-on there is also some theory on Self Defence and the Law, 3A’s (awareness, assessment, action), Immobilisation factors, “hunt, don’t fight”, use of weapons and weapons improvisation.

The practical and physical elements of the courses will include (but not entirely or exclusively), escape from grabs and holds, locks, take downs, strangulation escapes, groundwork, use of movement, immobilisation ideas, subtle tactics, and weapons improvisation.

Self Protection ideas are not overlooked either and are included into the classes. One self protection idea may be that you thought about doing a self defence course if it was close enough and at the right price. Well now it is and if it isn’t may be we can come to you. May be you’re in a low populated area or village away from Newark. If you can get a minimum of 12 people together and have a venue available like a village or school hall or similar then we could come to you.

For more details contact Kiyth Fotitt on 07860 755201 or via the Contact Us page.